NRW and ICSC tekenen nieuwe overeenkomst

Eind april 2018 is tijdens de ICSC Annual Conference in Barcelona een nieuwe overeenkomst getekend met 13 verschillende National Counsels of Shopping Centres.

NRW leden kunnen nu ook lid worden van ICSC, via deze link meld je je aan 

Het lidmaatschap van ICSC gaat direct in voor de duur van 12 maanden en de kosten voor NRW-leden bedragen € 100 en studenten betalen € 50 lidmaatschap .

Als ICSC lid kun je bijvoorbeeld aan de Property Academy deelnemen die van 2 tot 4 juli in het Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam wordt gehouden. En je kan je als lid ook aanmelden voor de SOLAL Awards tot 1 juni.

ICSC Solal Marketing Awards and Foundation Community Support Competition – Deadline 1 June 

For more information here is the brochure

These awards showcase the best of retail marketing across Europe and South Africa, recognising best practices, and rewarding the most effective campaigns. Last year we received more than 221 entries from 23 countries. The awards ceremony will take place at ICSC’s new Retail Innovation Forum connecting retail real estate professionals at the forefront of innovation. The multi-tracked forum, covering marketing, research and asset management, allows you to create your very own tailor-made event. By incorporating the successful European Marketing Conference and Solal Marketing Awards, this combined event will take innovation to a whole new dimension!

Please note, all entries need to have been conducted and completed between 1 March 2017 to 30 April 2018. The online application process starts now and ends on 1 June 2018. All 2018 Solal Winners will not only be recognised as leaders within the region, they will also automatically qualify for the Global ‘Best-of-the-Best’ VIVA Awards Programme in Las Vegas.


Please let us know which national council award winner you would like to enter for free in the following ICSC Award Programmes:

  1. Business to Business
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. Grand Opening/Expansion/Refurbishment
  4. Brand Awareness & (re)Positioning
  5. Footfall Activation
  6. Sales Activation
  7. Customer Services
  8. Emerging Technology

Special Distinctions

The ICSC Solal Awards Jury will award two special distinctions for the marketing campaign that scores the highest on the innovation criteria and to the highest-scoring campaign with a budget less than €10,000.

ICSC Foundation Community Support Awards

Shopping centres are an integral part of their local communities and have a long history of community outreach. The ICSC Foundation Community Support Awards program encourages and recognizes the industry’s most innovative and impactful charitable initiatives. The winner will recognized at the Retail Innovation Forum on Thursday, 27 September and its partner charity will receive a $10,000 (U.S. Dollars) donation from the ICSC Foundation. The winner  will be automatically entered into a global competition for the prestigious Albert Sussman International Community Support Award. The winner will be recognized at RECon and its partner charity will receive an additional $15,000 donation from the ICSC Foundation.

Multiple Entries

You may segment an overall marketing campaign and enter it into multiple categories; provided you write each entry for that specific category. For example, if you enter your holiday marketing programme into the Footfall Activation or Corporate Social Responsibility categories, each entry must be written for that category and include only the  components that relate to that category. It is not permitted to develop one general entry and submit it multiple times into different categories. Such duplications will be disqualified.  To help you in submitting elements of an entry in other categories, the Solal Online process allows you to ‘copy’ all material into a new entry. It is your responsibility to edit such work accordingly.

We look forward to seeing your best work showcased amongst the winners at the

Juryrapport 30ste NRW Jaarprijs – Hoog Catharijne

NRW JAARPRIJS 2019 Hoog Catharijne The Mall | Utrecht Gerealiseerd door Klépierre JURYRAPPORT Hoog Catharijne is een winkelcentrum met een rijke geschiedenis. Ontstaan als een megaproject in de jaren zestig. Symbool van het wederopbouwdenken en het optimisme van die tijd. Geliefd, soms verguisd, en tot de dag van vandaag altijd in het midden van de … Lees verder

Een Jaarprijs, or not een Jaarprijs, that’s the question

Een Jaarprijs, or not een Jaarprijs, that’s the question

Hoog Catharijne wint NRW Jaarprijs 2019

Hoog Catharijne wint de NRW Jaarprijs 2019